2020 New Releases | Pt. 4 February Books

I’m excited as I introduce you to Part 4 of my 2020 New Releases series. The more I continue the series, the more excited I get because I discover more and more amazing books releasing in the new year! So many more than I originally thought. Part 4 starts us on February books. Unless otherwise noted, preorder promotions end day of release. Make sure you send in your preorder receipts for the amazing goodies!

PassionProject (21) copy 4.png

Preorder Incentive: Proof of preorder will get you a signed bookplate. Proof can be provided here.

PassionProject (21).png

PassionProject (20).png

PassionProject (20) copy.png

Preorder Incentive: All preorders will receive a signed bookplate and a Keel Haul enamel pin. Proof of preorder can be entered here.

PassionProject (20) 2.png

PassionProject (21) copy.png

Preorder Incentive: 2 custom postcards featuring the protagonists from Of Curses and Kisses. Use this site to submit your proof of preorder.

PassionProject (21) copy 2.png

Are you excited for any of these new releases? I’m most excited for The King of Crows!

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