December TBR

To be honest, I am tired of the usual TBR posts. It feels tedious… Does anyone else feel that way? I decided to change this up by just listing a few bullet points, summarizing why I am excited to read this book for the month of December.


  • My favorite genre: Fantasy! (Also Young adult)
  • F/F romance. Representation is always good in a book.
  • Fascinating concept: Automae rebelled against their human owners, turning the status quo on its head.
  • Fantasy duology; sequel is slated to be released in 2020.
  • I love this cover; it immediately caught my attention.


  • 2016 Hugo Award winner.
  • From what I’ve seen, everyone loves this series.
  • It is a fantasy trilogy.


  • Second novel in the Renegades trilogy.
  • I have already read Renegades and it is about time I go and finish this series.
  • I am excited to see what happens to the Renegades as leaders.


  • Written by Rin Chupeco, author of the Bone Witch series.
  • I have not read Bone Witch yet, but I have heard many good things about it. I look forward to reading it in the near future.
  • Part of my Amazon Black Friday purchase.


  • This novel was featured in an Owlcrate box in 2018(?).
  • First book in a duology.
  • Bought this and sequel, The Cursed Sea, as part of Book Outlet’s Black Friday purchased.


  • Hoping someone will comment with the answer. Do you need to read Sky in the Deep prior to reading The Girl the Sea Gave Back?
  • Bought as part of my Book Outlet Black Friday purchase.
  • Was also featured in an Owlcrate box in 2018(?).


  • Whether or not I read this book will depend on the answer to the question above. I am confused on whether this is a sequel or just a novel set within the same world.
  • I think I plan to read Sky in the Deep before regardless of the above answer.
  • Look at this cover! I think they did a great job on it.


  • One of my highly anticipated new releases of the year.
  • However, reviews are mixed about this book. It seems as if people really love it or really don’t.
  • I am fairly certain it is going to be a duology, sequel planned to be released in 2020.
  • I really like black and gold of this cover. I think adding the shine to the gold was a great idea. Really brings out the color balance.


Have you read any of these books yet? If so, what did you rate them?

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