Top 5 Wednesday |Favorite Book Covers

This is not the topic for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday. I didn’t feel like this week’s topic was right for me. Therefore, I chose a previously used topic that I wanted to share with all of you. If you want to see each week’s topic, you can check out their goodread page here.

I am going to be talking about some of my favorite book covers this week. These five book covers will be based on how aesthetically pleasing I find them.

Dark Artifices Series (Waterstones Exclusive) by Cassandra Clare


Have you seen these covers? Waterstones started selling these hand-stamped rune editions during the Dark Artifices series and they are continuing with these editions when Red Scrolls of Magic comes out this week! Red Scrolls of Magic is going to be red with blue runes on the cover. Let me say, it looks great.

Pride and Prejudice (Vintage Classic Edition) by Jane Austen


There are thousands of different editions of Pride and Prejudice that have been released since it was originally published. I really enjoy how colorful it is. Many Jane Austen novels come in this vintage classic edition, each coming in their own color.

The Caraval Series (U.K. version) by Stephanie Garber


All the U.K. editions of the Caraval series look great. Some of them even contain a special hidden cover. With each of these red U.K. covers, there is a hidden cover containing different quotes.

The Nevernight Chronicles (U.K. Version w/ Sprayed Edges) by Jay Kristoff


I enjoy the U.K. covers that have the sprayed edges. When Darkdawn is released later this year, they are going to have black sprayed editions and from what I have seen, it looks amazing.

Vicious and Vengeful (Illumicrate Exclusive) by V.E. Schwab


A series by one of my favorite authors, these special editions were released when Vengeful was published. Vengeful was a numbered limited edition only sold through the subscription box Illumicrate. You also had the option to buy Vicious with a matching cover.

If you didn’t notice the pattern, I find U.K. covers more appealing than their U.S. counterpart. There are only a few books that come to mind in which I like the U.S. covers better. What do you think? Do you prefer U.S. or U.K. covers?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday |Favorite Book Covers

  1. The special editions of the Dark Artifices are just GORGEOUS!!!! I really want them!!! I love all the other covers you have listed as well. Great post!!!


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