April TBR

1. The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell


At the moment, I am reading the first book in the series, The Last Magician. I will most likely claim it as the last book I complete in March. I like to read series together so I will want to immediately jump into The Devil’s Thief. 

2. The Near Witch by V.E. Schwab


3. Vengeful by V.E. Schwab


4. Shades of Magic Vol. 1: The Steel Prince by V.E. Schwab


If you don’t know, V.E. Schwab is my favorite author. The problem is, I have not read all of her books. I plan on fixing that in the following months. The three books listed above will be my goal for April. If I can do that, I will only need to read two books in May to complete this goal. Those two books are from The Archived Series, The Archived and The Unbound. 

5. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco


6. The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco


7. The Shadowglass by Rin Chupeco


The three above books are from The Bone Witch series. I checked these books out from the library after hearing good things about them. I don’t usually read paranormal stories, but I am interested after reading the synopses for the series.

8. All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood


9. The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer


The Age of Light and All the Ugly and Wonderful Things are both books I acquired from Book of the Month. They are on my list to fulfill my monthly reading goal of reading one BOTM novel a month.

10. The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin


This book follows four siblings as they seek out their prophecies in 1969. This book follows the four siblings during the following five decades. I’m intrigued to see how each of the siblings allows their prophecy to determine their future and how it will effect their future choices.

What books are on your April TBR?


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