My Favorite Book Subscription Box

What is Book of the Month?

Book of the Month is a monthly subscription box for readers of all genres. At the beginning of every month, you get to choose 1 book from a selection of five highly anticipated new releases. You can then choose to add up to two additional books from a variety of choices. These two additional choices can be made from a selection of past or current month’s selections as well as a list of featured books.

How Much Does it Cost?

At the end of every month, you are charged $14.99 for 1 credit for the upcoming month. This is the credit you use on 1 of the month’s book selections. If you choose to add more books to your box, each costs an additional $9.99. Those additional charges incur when you place your order. Shipping is always free!

Are the Selections Good?

Each month’s selections are highly anticipated new releases. They are chosen from a variety of genres including Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Contemporaries, Thrillers, etc.

IMG_0031Recent Adult choices have included these popular releases;

  • Daisy Jones and the Six by
  • Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer
  • The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Recent Young Adult choices have included;

  • On the Come up by Angie Thomas
  • Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte
  • Enchantee by Gita Trelease

A Comparison:

I have tried a few different subscription boxes and Book of the Month is by far my favorite. You may ask, why? Let’s compare BOTM to another popular YA book box. Here is a simplified chart showing their main differences;

Book of the Month Comparable Box
Price $14.99 /24.99/ 34.99 $29.99 + $7.99 ship
# of Books Up to 3 1 + swag
Genre Young Adult and Adult Young Adult
Book Choice Self-chosen Random

In my personal opinion, there are a few major reasons that drew me away from ‘Comparable box’;

  1. The Swag – Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional swag. However, most of the swag was unused by me. The swag did not make the extra cost of the box compared to the book worthwhile. I would have rather spend $19 on the book itself in a store than $38 for the book and swag together.
  2. The Price – As I said above, I rather spend less to buy the book itself. Also, I felt $38 was too much to spend a month.
  3. One Book fits all – The idea that your audience is all going to enjoy the same book is absurd. Even within Young Adult itself, people enjoy different sub-genres. For example, I enjoy fantasies and historical fictions much more than I enjoy reading contemporaries.

What is your favorite book subscription box?

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