Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer

Title: Echo North

Author: Joanna Ruth Meyer

# of Pages: 389

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Echo North is a mash up of several different fairy tales, including Beauty and the Beast. Don’t let the fact that it is a fairy tale retelling drive you away. The author introduces an imaginative and spellbinding aspect to a well known fairy tale. The story follows a girl named Echo, whose father has disappeared. Months later, she finds him in the forest barely alive. She runs into a talking wolf, who offers to save her father in return for Echo staying with him in his magical house beneath the mountain for a year. As she learns to tend to the house, she discovers the many enchanted rooms within, including a library containing these book-mirrors. Within these stories, she meets a man named Hal who is trapped in these stories. She determines that she must figure out how to save both Hal and the Wolf before her time is over.

Echo North is a story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked learning about the many enchanted rooms within the house, especially the library. The library contains these book-mirrors. Each of these individual mirrors contains an unique story that can be experienced first-hand. As a reader, I loved this concept! Rather than read a book, imagine being able to be transported into the story itself! While the story revolves mostly around the library and the many stories within, I would’ve enjoyed learning more about some of the other rooms.

Another aspect of the book I enjoyed were the relationships and how they evolved as the story unfolded. She runs across Hal in one of the stories, this man who has this air of mystery around him. Echo’s interest to know him grows because he’s closed off. As they become good friends, she learns that Hal has been trapped within these stories and she wants to save him. Their relationship eventually turns into a romantic one as the story continues.

And then there is the relationship between Echo and the Wolf. At the beginning, she hates him. He’s her captor. She has all the reason to hate him for taking her away from her family and putting her in this situation. The year ticks away and their relationship evolves to one of sympathy and understanding. She wants to save him as she did Hal, but for a whole different reason.

I was so invested in the story that I blew through 250 pages in one day! Now that I have ranted, lets get to the point. If you are a reader who enjoys fairy tales, amazing characters who will captivate and fight for your attention, you NEED to read this book. The author makes Echo into such a real, related protagonist. She’s flawed, but beautiful in her own away. And then there’s Hal, a character you can’t help but love. Hal is this cheerful, full of life character that enchants the reader. He is sure to be one of my favorite fictional characters. He is just that AMAZING. I could talk about this book all day, but I won’t do that to you. PICK UP THIS BOOK! You won’t regret it.

If you have read Echo North, let me know in the comments what you thought about it!

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